What is Arctic Bay Parka Made Off?

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Traditionally, coyote fur was used in the garments for its comfort and practicality during the long and cold Canadian winters. It remains one of the most durable and warm furs. If worn on a hood, a layer of warm air is created around the face and prevents it from freezing.Today, many designers have incorporated small amounts of fur into a wider array of garments, making fur an option in both cold and warmer climates.

In our production, we only use select and highly graded skins from Northern Alberta. The trimming goes through a very strict process of scrutinizing and inspection, to ensure quality and consistency.     You don’t have to dread the coming of winter. Our mission is simple – to keep you, our customer, warm and happy, and enjoy the outdoors in any kind of weather! Even when the thermometer takes a nose-dive, you will stay cozy in our jackets and won’t let the cold keep you inside.


Arctic Bay uses removable coyote fur trims on all of it's winter jackets, and we employ an industry leading policy for quality when it comes to our furs.

In Canada, furs for industry are purchased through NAFA (North American Fur Auctions) and each fur is rated for size, grade, quality, colour and clarity. These characteristics determine how well the fur will protect against harsh arctic temperature and wind, as well as how attractive it will look on your parka.

We strictly purchase furs that are rated "Super Select" (the highest grade possible) and "Heavy" quality to ensure the highest level of protection and luxury.

Fur trims are used on winter jackets to protect the face and neck from cold air and piercing wind. Natural furs do this better than any synthetic material by trapping warm air coming off your body and shielding the face and neck from incoming cold air.

It's important to choose a high quality, large fur to take full advantage of it's natural heat retaining properties. This is why we not only select the highest quality natural coyote furs, but we also cut our furs thicker than our leading competitors. In fact, our furs are cut 50% thicker to trap a larger amount of warm air around the face and neck.


Arctic Bay uses 725 Fill Power Down in all of its jackets and down accessories. We use down because it is hands down the best insulator around. In fact, it is 10 times more effective than even the best synthetic filling. Down, not feathers is used because down has a unique three dimensional structure that creates thousands of air pockets that keep warm are in, and block outside cold air from penetrating.

Our parkas use the most mature and dense down filling. When choosing down as a insulator, it is important to choose mature down as it will be the highest density. Density is key as denser down will trap air more effectively.


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